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Joseph Project's Clubhouse at Loewenstein HospitalJoseph Project's Clubhouse at Loewenstein Hospital


The Joseph Project has established a tranquil clubhouse at the Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital in Raanana. This thoughtfully designed space serves as a haven, offering patients a place to unwind and connect with others during their treatments. We are honored to contribute to the well-being and healing process of those undergoing care at the hospital.

Amidst the ongoing conflict with Hamas, over 2,000 soldiers have been wounded in combat. Many of these individuals are now receiving specialized care at the Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital, which not only attends to military personnel but also civilians injured at the Nova Festival on October 7. These brave young adults are on a challenging journey of recovery, both physically and psychologically. The Joseph Project stands alongside them, dedicated to supporting their healing process.

Please consider making a donation to help us continue bringing relief to those who need it the most.

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