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Supporting Humanitarian Work on the Streets of Tel Aviv


Moti is doing amazing work on the streets of Tel Aviv. He actually cooks fresh food several times a week and distributes it to people living on the streets. He willingly walks the rough streets of Tel Aviv, where police presence is rare. Sometimes, these individuals ended up on the streets because they got sick and lost their homes and possessions. They thank Moti for every piece of food and wait for him, knowing his specific days of visits.

He helps those who want to try rehabilitation to leave the streets. Moti tries to reach everyone. In the area of the new station in Tel Aviv, there are street dwellers who live in the middle of the intersection and seem invisible to those who pass by and ignore their existence. Moti is trying to make connections with them by bringing food and drink, talking to them, getting to know them, and hearing their life stories to show that he cares about them. Most of the street people are drug addicts or people in prostitution who are in a difficult physical and mental situation. They eat one meal a day if they are lucky. It is not easy, but Moti comes to them with a hot meal and love, which does them good. Sometimes, these are people who haven't had a hot meal in years.

Moti thanks everyone who gave to the Joseph Project, which not only supports this work on the streets but also enabled him to purchase a new vehicle which will help Moti in shopping and transporting the food to people who are really waiting for it on the street.

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