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Joseph Project's Collaboration with the Public Health Association


In a powerful alliance with the Public Health Association, the Joseph Project has extended a compassionate hand to those in need in the South. Together, we have delivered 1,100 boxes of essential, healthy ingredients to individuals facing mental health challenges, substance addiction, homelessness, and more.

Our unwavering commitment at the Joseph Project to uplift society's vulnerable remains steadfast, undeterred by the obstacles we may encounter. We are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to amplify the vital work of The Public Health Association, guiding thousands on their journey toward a brighter future and freedom from addiction.

A heartfelt thank you echoes from our hearts to our global donors and supporters who make this grace-filled work possible. Your generosity is the driving force behind tangible comfort, especially for those in the South living under constant rocket threats. Providing quality and nutritious ingredients serves as significant relief, bringing comfort not only to individuals but also to their families.

Visit our website www.josephproject.org to learn more about Joseph Project - Humanitarian Aid in Israel and how you can join us in making a difference.

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