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Israel Emergency Update


The Home Front Command of Israel is now advising civilians in all of Israel to prepare their bomb shelters for the possibility of long-term use, telling them to prepare food and water supplies for at least THREE days – radios, medicines, ID documents, etc.

We have already started distributing moderate amounts of rice and legumes to a local catering company which is preparing hot meals to be sent to soldiers. We are also beginning to stock community bomb shelters of local partners with enough food to last for a few days each, should long-term sheltering become a necessity as this war develops. Looking forward to better days, all remaining food will be distributed by these partner organizations to individuals and families in need, so nothing will go to waste. Food is also a relevant need for evacuated residents of the south who are moving to temporary residences.

Here are some updates on how the Joseph Project's Emergency Aid operations and partners are responding to the crisis in Israel:

1.) Supplies for Soldiers:

As you may be aware, Israel has called up 300,000 reserve forces in the past 48 hours, with plans to call up more soldiers in the coming days as preparations intensify for what is expected to be a challenging and protracted battle on two different fronts. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are facing significant challenges in terms of resources and supplies, particularly given the rapid mobilization. In response to this pressing need, communities across Israel are coming together to prepare hot meals for the soldiers and provide essential items. The Joseph Project is actively participating in these efforts by donating over a thousand pairs of socks, thermal shirts, and underwear to the reservists being called up. Additionally, we are supplying field mattresses, pillows, towels, portable phone chargers, and flashlights, as these items are in short supply and urgently required. As well as power banks to soldiers on the front line.

2.) Food Distribution:

We have distributed some dry legumes and rice to a local catering company making hot meals for soldiers. We plan to expand this initiative to provide food stocks for community bomb shelters, enough to last people three days (this is the recommended amount of preparation by the Home Front Command).

Currently, we are supplying this from our existing stock of food, which we have for the healthy food program. We have additional food set aside (enough for 1,080 boxes) which was intended to be distributed together with the Association for Public Health, however, as this event cannot take place under the current circumstances, we feel this food will be better put to use now for the needs of soldiers and shelters. The current supply will go quickly, and we will require additional funding to continue to purchase and supply it.

3.) Toy and Game Distribution:

In addition to delivering care packages filled with toys, games, and activities to children from evacuated families in the southern regions, we have extended our support to communities in the south through our partners in Ashdod. Collaborating with “Rescuers Without Borders,” an Israeli organization renowned for its dedication to providing first aid assistance wherever needed, including on the battlefield, we witnessed their courageous medics driving through Sderot, a city in Israel’s Gaza Envelope that has borne the brunt of rocket attacks and terrorism from Gaza. These heroic medics distributed games and activities from the Joseph Project, aiming to bring joy back into the lives of children and remind them of the love and care that surrounds them. Due to the ongoing safety concerns and the presence of terrorists still at large, the residents of Sderot have been confined to their homes for the past few days. Under these circumstances, these brave medics are the only ones who deliver these precious gifts to the children of Sderot.

The Tent is Up:

We are pleased to announce the establishment of a large tent in a central location in Israel which will serve as a safe haven and source of comfort for families from the southern regions (and potentially from the north if the situation necessitates it in the future) in times such as this. The first Believing family from Sderot has already sought refuge here. In collaboration with Netivah, an organization dedicated to supporting young adults and soldiers, among others, we are stocking this location with essential items such as mattresses and pillows. This space will also serve as a central logistical hub during times of crisis, allowing us to coordinate our efforts more effectively and help those in need more efficiently. Our partnership with Netivah also works with soldiers to collect and transport the Joseph Project aid supplies from the JP warehouse to the soldiers at the front. Some supplies are: towels, toilet paper, socks, warm clothing, hot food, etc..

Tomer Update:

October 10th saw the delivery of thousands of necessary items to residents of the South in Netivot. Mattresses, linens, food, and clothes. Additionally, the warehouse loaded tomorrow’s truck- including mattresses for soldiers in Mount Hermon.

All tte basic items for home:

Bedding 500 sets – 50,000 nis

Mattress – 500 – 250,000 nis

Blankets – 500 sets – 50,000 nis

Laptops 250 units – 700,000 nis

Quality toys (lego/Playmobil) – 500 sets 65,000 nis

Woman hygiene- 80,000 nis

Stand with Israel by helping the Joseph Project rush humanitarian aid to civilians who are caught in the crosshairs of the terrorists and to the soldiers on Israel's front lines.

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