Ukraine Emergency

Joseph Project at the Polish/Ukrainian Border!

Shalom Friends,

Just a quick word to let you know that our very own Joseph Project is in the middle of the Ukrainian Crisis both in Israel and on the border of the Ukraine. Here you will see a series of short update videos from the border of Poland and the Ukraine. You will see our vehicles plus a small warehouse where our humanitarian aid is stored. The videos are self-explanatory.
The way this is working at present is that we are helping the Jewish refugees (and others) as they come through the border with just the clothes on their backs so to speak and helping as many as possible with their immediate needs. We are successfully partnering with others to provide this relief. We will help them eventually get to a transit city where those that desire to emigrate to Israel will be flown there by the Jewish Agency.
We are also working with the government of Israel and amassing supplies for the Jewish refugees of Ukraine who are already beginning to come to Israel. They expect at least 10,000 to come soon if they can get out. Hundreds of thousands of Jews remain in the Ukraine.
Your support and prayers are greatly appreciated.
Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord. Proberbs 19:17a
Joel Chernoff
Board Chairman/Founder/Joseph Project


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