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Winter Hug


Our Goal

In recent years, Joseph Project has played a vital role managing the logistics in a nation-wide collaboration of nonprofits and volunteers to collect winter coats for all ages from throughout the country and redistribute them to families in need. The Winter Hug initiative is to provide practical, immediate assistance to families and individuals experiencing financial hardship in the face of rising living costs and economic fallout from the COVID crisis. The tangible manifestation of this assistance is the collection and redistribution of winter coats to those in need across the nation, an effort coordinated through a collaboration of nonprofits and volunteers.


This initiative is crucial due to the dire economic circumstances faced by many households, which have been intensified by the COVID economic crisis. Many previously stable families have slid into "hidden poverty," and the existing poor have become even more impoverished. A significant consequence of these financial hardships is the inability for many families to afford adequate heating during the winter months. Many rely on winter coats for warmth, even while sleeping. By supplying quality winter clothing, the Joseph Project provides a means of warmth and, simultaneously, eases the financial burden these families face during the winter. In addition to providing immediate, tangible aid, this initiative serves a broader purpose of raising awareness and inspiring collective action against the prevalent issue of poverty exacerbated by the COVID crisis. Through these efforts, the Joseph Project has already distributed tens of thousands of warm winter coats to needy families and individuals, demonstrating the positive impact that such practical aid initiatives can have.

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