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Rising to the Challenge: The 'And You Shall Protect' Initiative

As the first wave of the pandemic hit, Israel found itself grappling with an unprecedented crisis. Amid widespread uncertainty and unpreparedness, an essential project was born, christened with the biblical phrase meaning 'And You Shall Protect.'
This project was spearheaded by the dedicated nonprofit center, Sheatufim, and the volunteer group, Acharai. Their immediate mission was to secure and distribute a massive quantity of hygiene and medical gear to geriatric centers nationwide at a time when such aid was critically needed.
Joseph Project swiftly stepped in as the operational engine of this initiative. With our truck and a rented vehicle, we crisscrossed the country, acting as the principal logistics arm for the project, coordinating and delivering essential supplies. Initially planned contractors had pulled out, but we rose to the challenge. Our deliveries included masks, alcogel, visors, gloves, suits, and at one point, tablets.
These tablets, mounted on wheeled stands, served a dual purpose. Not only were the elderly at high physical risk, but they were also battling the emotional strain of isolation. These tablets provided a critical link, allowing them to stay connected to their families and the world outside their quarantine.
After weathering the first wave of the pandemic and facing major shortages, we strategically acquired and stored a large stockpile of supplies in our warehouse, readying for the inevitable next wave. As the year turned, we distributed the remainder of these supplies at the end of December and the start of January.
The 'And You Shall Protect' initiative touched lives across Israel. We provided vital hygienic and medical supplies to 283 geriatric centers nationwide, amounting to over 9 million NIS in goods. Additionally, we distributed 95 special tablets and over 100 television sets to counter the isolation of quarantine, keeping our elderly connected to their loved ones and the world around them. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to protect and serve those most vulnerable in times of crisis.

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