• Help displaced Israeli families and those on the frontlines
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Local Surplus Project


Not only international groups transport surplus donated items. Within Israel we discovered an untapped resource of quality second hand, new surplus product, and other forms of items that they people need, and the nonprofits know who needs them, but they cannot manage the logistics. Since 2018, we collaborate with partners networking amidst manufacturers, institutions, and more. From computers to pillows to clothing to mattresses to furniture to baby formula… we have ‘saved’ these items. Sometimes extraordinary situations create opportunities for donated items, like legal cases, mergers, surplus, slightly tainted product, returned items in top condition, swapping inventory. Through our local collaboration, items have been picked up for redistribution from Renuar, Forever 21, Wix, WeWork, Hilton, Dan Panorama, the Open University, the Hebrew University, Noble Energy, AMDOCS, Panda, Keshet, Facebook, Google, Applied Materials, Softil, Golf, and so many more

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