• Help displaced Israeli families and those on the frontlines
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Israel War Emergency


Israel just experienced the deadliest attack in the last 50 years. Beginning in the early hours of the morning of October 7th, Hamas terrorists fired thousands of rockets into Israel, while carrying out an unprecedented ground invasion into Israel from Gaza. Over 4400 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel. Over one thousand Israeli’s were killed. Hamas terrorists have kidnapped over 150 Israelis, many of which are women and children. 3000+ Israeli’s have been injured and millions of people have been in and out of bomb shelters. Hamas terrorists are bent on wiping the Jewish people off the face of the earth. Israel is now at war.
We cannot only lament. We must rush aid to the hardest-hit areas. People are in urgent need of food, medicine, and other important supplies. Mothers need diapers for their babies. Many are displaced with only the clothes on their backs. They are plagued with shock and deep despair. Bomb shelters need food and supplies. The soldiers on the frontlines need food, clothing, and other important resources. The poorest of the poor urgently need household goods, clothing, shoes, beds. Some are disabled and without wheelchairs or walkers, without even crutches. Now more than ever the people of Israel need your help.
Now is the time to say to the Jewish people, “YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”
Give the best gift you can possibly give to help rush humanitarian aid to the civilians who are caught in the crosshairs of the terrorists and to the soldiers on Israel’s front lines. Thank you for standing with Israel as such a time as this.

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