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Food Aid


With economic uncertainty impacting many around the world, poverty also increased exponentially in Israel. Struggling communities and families are falling deeper behind, and the concern of food insecurity is coming to the forefront as never before. Naturally, it is our mission to respond as effectively and swiftly as possible, and the following are the two main initiatives we are currently spearheading to address this growing need:
Joseph Project is actively supporting a number of humanitarian relief partners in various regions in Israel with soup kitchens and hot meal initiatives serving hundreds of the homeless, elderly, and underprivileged each day in their communities. Thousands have been helped and fed while also receiving the personal and hands-on encouragement, comfort, and company of the caring teams that reach out to them on an ongoing basis. We are so thankful to be able to support and be a part of this incredible, life-changing work of grace, of which you are a pivotal part. Thank you!
The second stark need we are addressing is the tragic condition whereby communities living under the poverty line lack access to healthy food options and basic food education. So often, their diets consist of the cheapest, heavily processed, and nutritionally deficient foods that, when consumed on a regular basis, actually contribute to serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more. We see these unhealthy trends developing in younger and younger age groups affected, mostly within poor communities. To help meet these real-time needs for healthy food options and empower these families with food education, we have developed our Healthy Food Program.
In this hands-on program, we are providing educational workshops together with local partner organizations, in which we distribute healthy food boxes of shelf-stable, nutritious ingredients, provide recipes, teach about the ingredients and provide practical instruction and examples of how individuals can affordably purchase and prepare healthier food for their children and families.
Individuals attending our workshops have displayed a real hunger for this knowledge, and this program has been met with excitement and appreciation across the board. We have recently expanded the Healthy Food Program also to include at-risk youth who themselves help distribute food boxes to families in need, providing a unique opportunity to educate these youth as well about the importance and benefits of healthy food choices. With your support, we are not only blessing people in immediate need but are also investing in their future well-being for generations to come.

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