• Help displaced Israeli families and those on the frontlines
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Our Goal

Our ongoing effort at Joseph Project, together with the "Gorgeous" social initiative, is to reach out to vulnerable women and girls across Israel by providing them with special care packages. These packages contain essential hygienic, cosmetic, and other practical items. Our aim is to support various groups in need, including single mothers, at-risk teenage girls, victims of domestic violence, children within the welfare system, and women recovering from addiction and prostitution.

The Need for Action

Violence against women is a deeply concerning issue in Israel, impacting women from all backgrounds. Yet, women from low-income households, women with disabilities, and women from specific ethnic and religious groups are particularly at risk.

Our initiative is designed to not only provide immediate help to these women and girls but also to raise societal awareness about their plight. The care packages act as a symbol of support and a beacon of hope amid challenging circumstances, demonstrating to these women and girls that they are not alone.

In the last four years, this collaboration has enabled us to distribute over 5,000 care packages, each one symbolizing a message of care and a hope for a brighter future. This effort is a testament to our commitment to stand with the vulnerable, offering practical aid and inspiring change.

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